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Salvage & Bloom began with a botheration.
It was Spring, 2011, and I was a mom of three young children who wanted a wreath for my porch - one that wouldn’t fall apart when Mother Nature came calling; but alas - no extra money to buy one.
So, I grabbed her jigsaw and some spare wood and began cutting. I pulled soup cans from the recycle bin and hacked away on those with kitchen scissors and a hammer.
Soon, my first rustic flower sculpture was complete, so it went on the porch. Then a neighbor asked for one. A friend asked for one. My mom wanted one.
I listed my flowers online and well, just kept cutting wood and metal, in between learning how to take decent photos of my work.  
Today, my one-of-a-kind wall flowers decorate homes, restaurants, resorts and offices throughout the U.S., including Great Wolf Lodge Resorts in Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, California and Ohio, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the Red Mesa Grill in Texas. These colorfully robust wreaths are built to thrive in even the busiest environments.
 Flower Sculpture by Salvage & Bloom - Great Wolf Lodge Fired Grill Restaurant
While growing my business, I learned first-hand how our connection with Art and Flowers also connects us with the Earth, and most important, each other.
And, as Salvage & Bloom heads into 2020 and beyond, I am also expanding to include a personally-curated selection of salvaged and refurbished home decor and gifts here at
Yes, Salvage & Bloom began with a problem - but one simple challenge was enough to set me on a creative adventure that continues today.
It’s a cheerfully ongoing campaign that celebrates our connection with each other, with Mother Nature, and above all, Flowers! 
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