About Me

Hello, I'm Lynda and I make flower art.  

About Lynda Houston's Flower Art

 I create one-of-a-kind floral sculpture, made to be hung on a porch, fence, door or garden gate; and even over a fireplace or mantel.

"Bayou" 24" flower sculpture (SOLD)


You can read a more in-depth about how I started my business here.

Each flower I make is truly one of a kind; and I like it that way. From start to finish, I create each 3d floral wall art piece from salvaged wood and metal in my small southwest Ohio studio, using methodical and zealous attention to detail. Once you buy one of my flowers, sure, I'll make another one, but it will never, ever look like yours.
My flower sculptures decorate homes, restaurants, resorts, hospitals and offices throughout the U.S., including Great Wolf Lodge Resorts in Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, California and Ohio, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the Red Mesa Grill in Texas. These colorfully robust wreaths are built to thrive in even the busiest environments.
My flowers at Great Wolf Lodge Fired Grill Restaurant, Mason, Ohio
As Salvage & Bloom heads into 2021 and beyond, I am working to bring you more botanical wall art, along with tutorials and ideas to make your own wall art or just upcycle what you already have. It's all part of my personal effort to live sustainably and create a personal floral paradise indoors or out.
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