Curiously delightful and seriously robust, our wood & metal wall art flowers decorate restaurants, resorts, Bed & Breakfasts, offices, hospitals and homes, across the U.S., including Great Wolf Lodge Resorts in Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, California and Ohio, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the Red Mesa Grill in Texas. 

Each hand crafted from wood and salvaged metal, the appeal of these One-Of-A-Kind pieces is multi fold; their sturdy stature and vibrant color makes them perfect wall art pieces for the home, restaurant, bar, office or lobby.

Shown below: A collection of colorful Flower Wall Art from Salvage & Bloom.


About Salvage & Bloom:

Salvage & Bloom actually got its start back in 1975, when owner Lynda Houston got kicked out of Girl Scouts for fighting. 
It wasn't the first time Lynda got herself in trouble, but the Girl Scout incident was the last straw for her exasperated mom, who promptly enrolled her 11-year-old daughter in the Ohio 4-H Equine and Livestock program. 
Lynda traded the green dress and beanie for blue jeans and cowboy boots. While her school friends made crafts from twigs and twine, Lynda was mastering the chain saw.
Meanwhile, she nurtured her love for the outdoors, animals of all kinds, for woodworking and art. 
Today, Lynda lives in a small cottage home in the southwest Ohio Valley, where she enjoys her rescue animals and three kids, Sean (23), Mia (20) and Brian (19).
All the while she continues working in the garden, loving animals, making large flowers from wood and salvaged metal, and growing a business called Salvage & Bloom.
Girl Scouts - it really does change lives.

Who We Are:

Lynda Houston - Owner, artisan, flower designer. Lynda brings her love and respect for Nature to her position as owner and artisan of Salvage & Bloom. She continues designing uniquely colorful and seriously sturdy wall art flowers, while also running the day-to-day business.   

Lynda Houston, owner/artisan - Salvage & Bloom

 Angela Howell - metalworking. Angela Howell's cleverness and agility always offer up something new for Salvage & Bloom. Whether she's wielding the over sized metal snips, power sanders or power cutting tools, Angela's consistent creativity and good humor shines through in everything she creates.

Angela Howell - metalworking - Salvage & Bloom

 Derrick Schaefer - woodworking. Derrick takes all of Lynda's wooden flower petal designs and makes them come to life with his remarkable woodworking skills. 


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