Arvin Electric Stereo Amplifier Circa 1959

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With its 1950s retro style and strong sound, this Arvin 1586 speaker offers you a world of listening pleasure.

  • 18" wide; 9" deep; 9 1/2" tall.
  • A 1959 Arvin 45 watt model 1586 high-fidelity amplifier with integrated speakers.
  • Features inputs for tuner and phonograph.
  • Can be connected to separate speakers if you wish to irritate the neighbors.

This piece is very well preserved and in working order. This thing screams mid-century vintage, and it’s functional!
We’ve searched, and found this one to be in far better condition than the few we’ve seen.

We included two videos - one quiet and one with the sound, since we hooked it up to a record player, for your listening enjoyment.