5 Musical Tips For Enjoying An Organized Holiday Season

Posted by Lynda Houston on 5th Dec 2019

Feeling stressed about staying organized for the holidays? Here are five steps, and five songs to help you keep them straight:

Staying Organized During the Holidays

1. "Don't Forget To Remember Me" - Carrie Underwood

     Don't keep trying to remember what to remember. Do a brain dump by writing down a To Do List. 

2. "Over My Head" - Ray Davies

     Go through your holiday stuff and take stock of what you already have. I mean, don't you hate buying 20 feet of garland, only to come home and find you already have 30 feet of garland in an unopened box that you got at last year's After-Christmas Sale? 

3. "Deadlines and Commitments" - The Killers 

     Divide your to-do list into tasks and then set a deadline to get them done. Writing Christmas cards? Set a time, sit down and write them out. Then move to the next task.

4. "Gone" - U2

     Perform a general de-cluttering throughout the house. That makes it easier to pull out your decorations and set to the fun task of presenting them.

 5.  "Heavy" - Birdtalker

     Those routine activities, like making dinner, doing laundry and general cleanup still must be done. My mother would not start her holiday projects until the beds were made, dishes done and laundry started. She said once that was done, the weight of those chores was lifted and she was free to enjoy the day.