Making a Craft Show Booth To Display Wall Art

by Lynda Houston

Salvage & Bloom will be attending some art shows for 2018 and that meant creating a new booth to display my wall art flower sculptures. 

I decided to go high - 8 feet high - that way if my booth space is narrow, I would still have the height to use for display.

Working with Mike Morgan, my go-to expert craftsman,I decided on five 4' x 8' panels and two 2' x 8' panels. Each panel was made to fold down directly in the middle for easy hauling. The different sizes also allow me to different configurations according to booth space. 

I have noticed that more shows are offering only smaller booth sizes closer to 4' x 8' configurations. This cuts down on booth costs, but makes it more of a challenge for those of us whose products mainly hang on the walls. 

Below is a partially folded 4' x 8' panel. Those white pieces are braces in which the panels will be placed so they stand up properly. Each 4-foot-wide panel will use two of these braces. The smaller panels each have one.

Here you can see how the panels are made to be folded. My son Sean peaks out, while my nephew Jeremy looks on, likely wondering what he got himself into....

Here is the gray textured paneling I bought from Lowes. I went with the thicker paneling due to the weight of some of my flowers.

Here is the back view.To hang my heavy flowers, I am using thin bolts and placing washers on each side of the hole in the paneling. This will keep anything from damaging the paneling. I'm also adding more pieces to further brace the walls. 

Additionally, I will be priming any raw wood with two coats exterior primer to protect my investment. 

Below is a four-foot panel.

I used Joanna Gains Magnolia Home Silos White and dry-brushed the gray paneling to lighten it up and help make my flowers stand out more. Each panel will be sprayed with a clear exterior sealant. I like Rustoleum Clear Gloss Exterior Spray

I had a small stand built to make the checkout process easier, and give me a place to sit. The paneling will be dry brushed with Silos White and sealed. The frame will be primed and painted with Silos White.

I also purchased several LED display lights as well as a battery, as some shows don't offer electric. I tried the booth without the lights and found that lights certainly add greatly to the look of my display. My lights connect to each other so I only have to insert one plug into the battery.

Below is my painted booth, with some flowers hung up. I attached a shelf for my small flowers to add interest. I also will be adding some greenery at the bottom and a mini-sized bench to hold a basket of my small flowers.

I will upload some final photos of my booth at the March 18 Art On Vine Show at Rhinegeist Brewery in historic Over-the-Rhine here in Cincinnati. Go to for details, and of course if you're in the Cincinnati area that day, well stop by - we'd love to meet you!