Bring the Outside In for Autumn Coziness

Bring the Outside In for Autumn Coziness

Posted by Lynda Houston on 12th Oct 2020

Autumn is in full swing, which means I'm continually inspired by natural and reclaimed wood in rich browns for my little bungalow. Natural tones bring in warmth and rustic coziness. They also bring in color. 

Here are a few ideas for adding that rustic feel to your stead as the days grow shorter and nights colder.

Keep your bedroom fresh, but add in natural elements. A simple clear vase with some soft brown sprigs should do the trick easily and maintain a calm feel for this important room:

Here in the Ohio Valley, I've already brought in my collection of tropical plants. They bring me a much-needed connection to Nature, especially during days when I'm reluctant to go outside.

If your outdoor plants are still blooming, cut a few and mix them in with some dried flowers from a craft store. The color and texture will add warm charm to a dining room table or side table in a living room perhaps.


Even cutting off a branch and placing it in water can still add something wonderful to space. Warming up your home can be fun, and it doesn't require a lot of work or even expense.