Composting Ideas For A Tiny Back Yard

Composting Ideas For A Tiny Back Yard

Posted by Lynda Houston on 27th Nov 2020

When I downsized and moved from 8 acres and a farmhouse to a tiny bungalow on a postage stamp yard, it was time for a change in my composting methods.

At my old place, the resident horses kept me in compost automatically, so I just added my kitchen scraps, grass cuttings and leaves to the constantly-steaming manure pile. 

But for my small back yard, a heaping manure pile was not in the cards, nor was the backbreaking work it required.

So, I invested in some new tools: 

1. Compost Tumbler

Here's why I like the tumbler: 

A. It's easier for me to fill, and the crank handle allows me to regularly turn the compost with ease - my 56-year-old back thanks me every time.

Here's a quick video of me cranking the tumbler:

B. I can move the unit wherever I want. 

In the winter, it's out in my yard to catch full sun, also closer to my back porch, making the treck outside easier when it's cold and snowy. During the summer, I'll put it back by my potting shed. 

The model I purchased also has a small cart that fits beneath it. Open the sliding doors and out comes the finished compost into my cart. Again - as a middle-aged gardener, working smarter is key! 

2. Kitchen Compost Bin with Filters

I invested in a kitchen compost bin, and an extra set of filters. I usually put it on my kitchen counter, right where I'm cooking. All my veggies and indoor plant cuttings go into the bin. When company comes, it tucks easily under the sink.

Now sure, I could go out and get a 5-gallon can, drill holes in it, set it on the back porch, blah blah, but at my age, I've learned that the right tools make my gardening hobby easier. 

This model is easy to carry, it won't get too heavy, it doesn't smell and looks fine on my counter. The built-in filters are a big plus, especially when those onion peels have a few days on them. 

So, if you want to compost and reduce your garbage output, the right tools are important - and as a middle-age gardener, this method has made the job of composting actually a pleasure!

Happy Gardening!