Folding Towels, Creating Flow

Folding Towels, Creating Flow

Posted by Lynda Houston on 13th May 2019

As I continue working toward a more sustainable and simpler life, I'm sharing small changes I'm making that have

resulted in big returns. 

This week my search began with essential oils.

After much investigating, I found a great starter kit at Plant Therapy.

From there I went to the library and found some books with essential oil recipes.

I started small, going for a simple task - a better-smelling linen closet.

I cut up squares of paper  towel, and put 4 drops of Lemongrass essential oil on each piece.

As I stacked my folded bath towels in the closet, I placed a scented paper towel piece between them.

But as I sat with my basket of towels, still warm from the dryer, it became clear that the motions of folding, combined

with the lovely smell of lemon, created a sense of flow. 

My anxiety and stress decreased as worries took a back seat to this one task, done alone in silence. 

This is the kind of positive shift I've been searching for as I grow older - one that offers relaxation, along with