How To Create A Lifesize Enchanted Fairy Garden In Your Own Backyard

How To Create A Lifesize Enchanted Fairy Garden In Your Own Backyard

Posted by Lynda Houston on 8th Apr 2021

What if you could leave the world for just a spell and walk into your own lifesize backyard enchanted garden? 

I'm not talking about mini fairy gardens - yes, those are fabulous - but this is where I want you to lose yourself and tap into your inner child - because this is where we go big, and go home....

"Magic is simply what's off our human the moment.” - Vera Nazarian

Enchanted gardens are usually mystical, and found somewhere deep in a forest... 

they're full of wonder and delight...

Enchanted Fairy Dressed in White With a Butterfly

                          "No one is too old for fairytales."  

You may not have an actual forest in your backyard, but that's OK. Let's start with the basics, like an enchanted treehouse such as this one from TinyTownStudios

Lifesize Backyard Enchanted Cottage by TinyTownStudios on Etsy

If not a treehouse, then perhaps a whimsical cottage  that's a bit more down to earth. 

TinyTownStudios cottage on Etsy

If your budget is smaller, perhaps you can build your own enchanted log cabin using plans from Paul's Playhouses. 

Small Log Cabin Shed Plan for sale at Paul's Playhouses

Or perhaps build your own 8' x 8' x 64' secret garden cottage with plans from Paul's Sheds:

Rosemary Whimsical Garden Shed Plan at

"Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!"

After the cottage comes the garden. According to legend, fairies like to sleep in bell-shaped flowers and wear them as gloves, which means your outdoor fairy garden will need flowers like foxglove, thyme, rosemary and roses, along with other wispy cottage-style plants like daisies, coneflowers and daylilies. 

A fairy garden in summer would be lush and filled with full color like this garden below. You can even add a fairy statue if you like. 

Fairy on a bench in an enchanted outdoor garden   

An enchanted garden requires an enchanted bench. This outdoor steel butterfly bench should do the trick: 

Outdoor Steel Butterfly Bench by

Get crafty and hang some colorful lights of your own like this upcycled chandelier. Follow this tutorial on how to upgrade an old chandelier using inexpensive solar lights.

Colorful Outdoor Chandelier

While you're adding plants, don't forget to use found objects for some whimsical garden art. 

Outdoor Secret Garden

If your secret garden is large enough, you'll need some direction. These signs are available as downloads so you can use your creative skills and make your own backyard fairy signs. 

Enchanted Garden Signs on Etsy

These lovely solar-powered sunflower lights from Celtic Serenity will beautifully light your path:

And these beautiful solar rose lights will also guide your way and offer the fairies a place to rest:

When day is done, have a seat on these whimsical outdoor concrete mushrooms and take in the sights and sounds of your own secret garden. 

Outdoor Concrete Mushrooms by Ballard Designs

And if it's all still just a dream, well, you can always visit the Enchanted Forest, a family-owned and operated theme park in Turner, Oregon. They've been closed due to COVID, but are planning to open again in Spring 2021, so check their website before you visit. I'm sure you can get more ideas there for your secret garden, and have a great time too!

Do you have any ideas for building a true-to-life backyard enchanted garden? If so, I'd love to hear from you! Leave your comments below. 

Happy Gardening! 

I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind." - John Lennon