Minimizing Spending By Removing Choice

Minimizing Spending By Removing Choice

Posted by Lynda Houston on 3rd May 2019

Just recently, in a continued effort to simplify my life, I drastically reduced the maximum spend limit on my credit card. 

Unfortunately I had forgotten that I still had a balance that was scheduled for payment a week later.

So, upon using my credit card at a hair appointment, my card was declined.

Standing at the counter, after breaking into a sweat from embarrassment, I wound up using my business credit card, because I had no cash and just wanted to run and hide.

The whole uncomfortable scenario got me thinking, because it was then that I realized I had to go at least 7 days without using my credit card.

I had no choice. 

However, after realizing that I had removed "choice" from my internal conversation, the stress over spending sort of melted away.

I had often been accustomed to using my credit card improperly, casting caution to the wind and overspending. 

When the bill came due, I scrambled and worried my way to get the bill paid in full. 

This time, it was different; if I used my card, it would be declined.

The limit I placed on myself was not a was a relief.