Spice Up Your Garden With Antiques & Found Objects  - Here Are Some Ideas

Spice Up Your Garden With Antiques & Found Objects - Here Are Some Ideas

Posted by Lynda Houston on 20th Apr 2021

I love flowers, but the flower pot itself can easily become an interesting garden decor accent.  

Better yet, you can make a flower pot out of pretty much anything, so throw caution out the window (box) and create your own imaginative garden party using found objects and perhaps some antiques for a truly uncommon display. 

I'm using this nifty 1970s vintage decopauged lunchbox as a planter in my dining room. This one has nautical themes on the outside and some blue and white ticking on the inside. It has a lot of colors in it, allowing it to easily match with other pots that may be in different colors. For this photo I used fake potted greenery I found at IKEA

Their plants are inexpensive and quite realistic.  

Vintage Decoupaged Lunch Box used as planter | Salvage and Bloom

Tall, narrow vessels like these below work in tight spots. I found this duo at a thrift store and they match my boho bathroom perfectly, adding a bit of height to that corner. 

To plant, I cut up pieces of styrofoam, then filled the pot with potting soil. The styrofoam acts as drainage so I don't have to drill a hole in the bottom of the pot if I don't want to.

Thrift Finds To Decorate Boho Bathroom

Have mismatched tea cups or mugs? Don't get rid of them - use them as unique garden planters. I've also been known to sand and spray paint thrifted ceramic coffee mugs or bowls and group them as colorful garden decor accents. 

Collection of Unique Flower Pots

Don't forget you can spray paint found glass bottles and use them for some cute and quirky garden decor.

Add flowers to antique metal watering cans and you have instant cottage garden decor.  

Antique Watering Cans Used As Planters for Flowers

And don't forget the prolific uses of the vintage apothecary jar. These can add height to a side table or entryway vignette:

Or, perhaps you have an antique but don't want to put dirt in it. Put the plant in a pot, and then display it. Here is a vintage suitcase used as antique garden decor.  

Displaying Plants In An Antique Suitcase | Salvage and Bloom

There's a lot to be said for collecting all those black plastic pots your plants come home in. Some exterior spray primer and bright color allow this wall of pots become instant flower wall art. 

Lastly, I leave you with a short video my dear friend Cathy and I made to show you step by step, how to plant succulents into small antique ceramic tea cups. 

If you have any other ideas for unique garden decor, please send them to hello@salvageandbloom.com. I'd love to post them for others to see.

Bloom On!