The Art of Distraction

by Lynda Houston

Sometimes when it comes time to work on my flower sculpture (those days for which I longingly wait) - the blank canvas is finally before me and I am suddenly paralyzed.

I sit and stare at salvaged cans, tins, pie plates, along with my wood petals, that I will turn into my flower sculpture.

Suddenly, the overwhelm sets in. 

So, I make coffee. Get a snack. Check my email. Check my Etsy shop stats. Call mom. 

I'll suddenly do anything to get out of doing what I love - because of what?

Making a mistake? Making a crappy piece of flower art? Frustration? Followed of course, by plummeting self worth?

Yes, all of it. 

And sometimes there is cursing, almost always a few tears, and then I somehow reach clarity and can finally




And after so many months and years of fighting it, I have come to realize that this is my process. 

These uncomfortable actions and avoidance tactics are what finally get me to the good stuff - the point where I make a piece of art that I am eager to share with the world. 

So yeah, the art process is painful, uncomfortable, and in the end, my most wonderful place to be.