The Art of Gardening

The Art of Gardening

Posted by Lynda Houston on 20th May 2019

Above is a shot of the my first peony bloom of the season. I love it against the silver of the lamb's ear. 

It seems the more I work in my garden, the more I am inspired and energized to create more of my flower art.

I realize that the long months of winter took their toll on me. 

Being in the sun, working in the dirt, just being in the Earth, is truly fulfilling and healing. 

Here are some health benefits from gardening:

*reduction of stress and/or heart attack

*promotes dexterity and mobility

*improves brain health, combats Alzheimer's

*reduces depression

*helps regulate immune system

So if you're new to gardening, start small by researching some books at the library. Then find a plant, some dirt, and get digging. 

It can only get better from there!