Why I'm Vegan

Why I'm Vegan

Posted by Lynda Houston on 1st May 2019

I've long considered myself an animal lover. 

I grew up in an equine 4-h club that was sprinkled with kids who raised other livestock for slaughter.

They weren't allowed to name their charges, be they rabbits, cows, pigs or goats - in an effort to prevent any sort of emotional connection when auction time arrived.

When I saw them interact that one last time with their animals that they had raised from babies, it never failed to leave me with a knot in my stomach and heaviness in my heart.

But for many years I ate meat. 

I loved goetta, bacon and sauerbraten - all common dishes in my very German family - and besides, my grandpa George was a butcher.

When I was 10 I was surprised with my first horse, Apple. We shared an unspoken friendship like none I've ever known. 

She was livestock. She was my friend. 

And with her, began my search for justification and reason behind why we slaughter one animal, and dress up another for family Christmas photos.

My search eventually led to my decision to live a vegan lifestyle. I have my ups and downs, and moments in restaurants where I must eat a bit of cheese or butter in my meal or go hungry.

But little by little, I am living a more sustainable and humane life. 

I'll be sharing my journey here in my boho bungalow that I continue to rehabilitate, also in a sustainable manner.

I hope you'll join me.