• They are made from wood, reclaimed wood or dense recycled plastic for the base petals.
  • Flower centers are created by hand from salvaged metal, including metal cans, pie plates, platters, buckets, and more, in an effort to divert more junk from landfills and instead create something strong and beautiful from them.


  • Yes, I suggest in a protected area outside. The metal for my flowers is sanded, primed and painted with exterior paints. Hand painted metal pieces are protected with two spray coats of exterior sealant for ultimate weather protection.
  • Naked barn wood flower petals are protected with two coats of premium exterior wood sealant. 
  • Each flower is assembled in front and back with exterior screws. Each flower is ready to hang with a galvanized exterior double wire.
  • I suggest bringing your flower indoors during any off-season to further its life. 
  • If you see your flower beginning to wear, you can wipe the metal with a damp cloth spray a light coat of sealant. I recommend Rustoleum Exterior Gloss sealant, available in any hardware store.
  • Any naked wood can be protected with a spray coat of wood sealant. I recommend Old Master's Spar Varnish or Helmsman Polyurethane, both in Satin Finish. These products are available as a spray.


Yes I do! Below are my Custom Flower Terms & Instructions:

  • If you like one of my flowers but want to tweak the metal work colors or switch up a petal style, I can easily do that. Click on the box next to the product and fill in the form. I will return with a full flower quote within 24 hours.
  • If you want a more obscure custom color that I don't carry, I charge $25.00 per color. 
  • I allow two FREE changes to the flower before assembling. After that, I charge $20 per change.
  • I use the following paint brands: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar Duramax (available at Lowes) and Behr Premium Plus Ultra (available at Home Depot).You can choose a paint color and I can match the code for you.


  • I currently offer Real-Time shipping through UPS Ground and USPS Priority Mail.
  • Your shipping total will be calculated at checkout based on your shipping address.  
  • If for any reason, your actual shipping is less than what is calculated at checkout, I do refund any shipping overages of $1.00 or more. I don't make money on shipping, but my flowers are heavy so I try to make shipping as safe and cost-effective as I can.
  • I am working on improving my shipping fees and offering more services.  I ask for your patience, as I am a one-woman band. Thank you!

Please make sure your shipping information is correct. Once an item has shipped, it becomes the responsibility of the buyer, and Salvage & Bloom, Ltd. is not to be held accountable for items lost in transit, or those marked as non-deliverable due to incorrect shipping information. Paying twice for shipping is a bummer. I don't want it to happen to you.


Completed Flowers:  Ship within 1-3 business days after your order is processed.
Custom Flowers: I am running at 3-4 weeks from order to shipment for custom flowers.
If timing is an issue and you need something right away, again, please CONTACT ME and I can assist you in upgrading your shipping. 

I'm always working to improve my environmental scorecard. Currently I'm using "green" peanuts to protect your wood wreaths during shipment. They are recycled and recyclable, and also greatly reduce the shipping weights of the flowers. 

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