A Struggling Vegan Begins Her Serious Journey

A Struggling Vegan Begins Her Serious Journey

Posted by Lynda Groeschen on 16th Feb 2015

For many years I have wanted to become vegan. Then I smelled bacon, or buffalo chicken dip, and suddenly I was off the wagon. 

I eat very little meat - chicken, turkey and sometimes pork, but rarely beef. But, as I get older, I want to live a more healthy, and subsequently cruelty-free, life.  

Our business just recently become a supporter of the Happy Trails Farm Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio. This organization rescues farm animals from neglect and cruelty situations with the help of local law enforcement. Reading about this organization further encourages me to live meat-free.

I have taken small steps to become a vegan, but it's been an uphill battle, especially because most of my family still enjoys meat, which means I still must often parepare it for dinner. I'm trying to search for maybe one vegan recipe that I can add to our weekly meal plan.

So, on February 1, 2015, I made my first shopping trip in an effort to add vegan dishes to my diet. I started with moderation in mind to avoid getting discouraged and burning out.

I picked up a package of four "Tofurky" Italian sausage. For dinner, I heated one in the microwave and slapped it on a bun with some mustard. Knowing that regular hot dogs are the poster children for factory farming, and also trigger my migraines, I figured a Tofurkey dog would be an ideal starting point.

I had to get acquainted with the taste and feel of the product, especially after my 16-year-old son swooped in and grabbed a bite only to gag and spit it out....I got past that visual and bit in.

I liked it, although the feel of the product took a little getting used to. As I chewed, it felt more like eating lima beans - slightly pasty, but still deliciously spicy. I think it would taste good on the grill. It had a wonderful tomato and basil flavor, which mixed well with the deli mustard. These dogs were the jumbo kind in a package of four, and were 280 calories each.

Next on my list will be Tofu Cream Cheese. Stay tuned.