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Long lopsided wood hearts are a buoyant backdrop to red, silver and metallic purple metal work for this 24" love-filled flower sculpture.                                                                                                                     

Flower Title: GROUP HUG


  • 24" diameter; 2 1/2" deep.
  • Indoor/outdoor display.
  • Ready to hang with exterior wire attached.
  • Exterior hardware, primer, paint and sealant.


Nine long lopsided petals are the foundation for this heart wreath. Wood was cut into long curving hearts, routed and sanded for soft edges, then primed and painted with two coats exterior red (Benjamin Moore, Caliente). Each petal was then distressed for a shabby chic look.  

Two large gallon metal cans were cut into long heart fronds, pounded, sanded, primed and spray painted with metallic silver, white and hints of purple and red. Each petal was then hand painted with swirling designs.  Six more cans were cut into thin fronds and either twisted or intricately cut into fringe, then spray painted with more metallic purple, red, white and silver.

This flower is highlighted by a hand painted salvaged faucet hand wheel.