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Vibrant colors reflect off a sunny backdrop for this bohemian flower sculpture that easily energizes your walls.       

Flower Title: ORANGE SKY


  • 17" diameter, 2 1/2" deep.
  • Ready to hang with exterior double wire attached.
  • Indoor/outdoor display.
  • Exterior hardware, primer, paint and sealant. 


Wood was cut into pointed leaf petals that were primed and painted with two coats of bright orange and feathered with golden yellow. 

Salvaged metal beverage and soup cans were cut into fine threads for texture, then sprayed with turquoise, lime green, orange and red, with touches of turquoise.

Topping off the flower is a salvaged metal faucet hand wheel, sprayed in bright orange and accented with hand painted details. This piece is a comforting reminder that the sun will come out tomorrow. 

"Love it! Lynda has a God given talent. Incredible job. Always ships on time. Packaged to ensure to arrive safe and sound. Will order again!" - Kim G., Tomball, Texas


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