Discover Your Own Creativity With a Custom Flower Sculpture

Discover Your Own Creativity With a Custom Flower Sculpture

Posted by Lynda Houston on 6th Jun 2018

Making custom flowers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my business, because I work one-on-one with you, and/or your interior decorator, to create flower wall sculpture that fits perfectly within your space - regardless of where you live.

Here's a rundown of my custom flower process:

1. Sizing, color and style.

Below is a flower that measures 25" diameter and is painted with a soft white, copper and sky blue color palette.  Let's say you like this flower style but want it bigger, and with different colors.

2. Click on "Request a custom order" link at the product level (see screenshot of the box below) and type in your specifications. Enter your contact information, along with your ideas, including petal style, size, colors and home decor style you like.

Additionally, many of my customers have sent me everything from paint chips and fabric swatches, to pillow and chair covers, all of which I ship back along with the flower. It's not required, but it's an option if you like.

Below is a custom flower I did for a client who wanted the same flower as the one above, but larger, and with turquoise and yellow colors. Here it is below. It measured about 31" diameter. 

Here is that same flower above, which I did in a sunflower style for another customer. It's the same petals and size as the turquoise flower, but with the sunflower color and style.

I use the following exterior paints and can easily match any color code you may have:

*Behr Premium Plus Ultra - Home Depot

*Valspar Duramax - Lowes

*Benjamin Moore

*Porter Paints

*Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home line (Kilz brand)

The Process:

Once you have decided on your petal size, style and color palette, I get to work.

I send you photos of each stage in the process. 

Once most of the metal work is complete, I lay the collection on top of the flower base and send you a photo - either by email or I just text to your phone.

Here you can make any changes to the metal work - add or subtract a color, change the center, etc. 

Here is a layout photo of an Americana- style flower for a customer. The metal is not yet attached, but it's all laid out to show her the colors. 

Once you have given me the go-ahead to finish, each hand painted metal piece is protected with two spray coats of premium exterior metal sealant.

I then assemble the flower and send you one final shot of your finished piece. And that's it. Your piece is ready to hang in your space!

If you have any more questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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