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With its vibrant sage and forest green hues, this 25" wood and metal fern wreath mirrors the the lush fronds of this sturdy woodland plant.


  • Flower Title: WILLOW
  • 25" diameter, 3" deep.
  • Indoor/outdoor display.
  • Ready to hang with double exterior wire attached.
  • Exterior hardware, primer, paint and sealant.


As with all my wood and metal flower sculpture, this resolute piece was crafted by hand from start to finish.

Wood was cut into our popular chunky spear style, routed and sanded for soft edges, then primed and painted in soft exterior white (Magnolia Home Silos White). Each petal was slightly distressed, then feathered with forest green and a touch of taupe.

The flower center is made from hand cut and hand painted salvaged metal, cut into fern-like fronds, which were sprayed in sage and forest green, then each hand painted with intricate designs. Smaller pieces of metal were hand cut into thin threads  for a delightful year-round wreath that gracefully lasts through every season.