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Rich with nuanced color, this 27" bohemian garden wreath adds a touch of natural elegance to your wall decor.                                                                                                                                  

Flower Title: WOOD FERN


  • 27" diameter; 3" deep.
  • Indoor/outdoor display.
  • Ready to hang with double exterior wire attached.
  • Exterior hardware, paint, primer and sealant.


This wreath was crafted after the Autumn fern, a species of Dryopteris which is pale pink in Spring, green in the Summer, and copper in the Fall. I added more work into the wood base petals for this wreath because I was looking for added texture. The petals, cut into a leaf shape, were routed and sanded for soft edges. I used my blow torch to char each petal, then rubbed them with a watered-down mix of sage green (Valspar Duramax, La Fonda Dark Olive). I used my Dremel tool to carve veins into the petals. Each petal then received two coats of premium exterior wood sealant (Old Masters Spar Varnish).

The flower center is made from salvaged metal. Two large galvanized cans were cut into fern-like fronds, spray painted and hand painted with intricate designs. Two cookie tin lids comprise the flowerette which was also hand painted. I cut other beverage and soup cans into fine threads to add texture to the layers. 

This wreath is a nod to the fern plant, that looks delicate but is in fact quite hardy.