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Soft sage green, bronze and red highlight the metal centerpiece for this 24" flower wreath that elevates your walls with unfettered color and texture.

Flower Title: WOOD FERN

  • 24" diameter, 3" deep.
  • Indoor/outdoor display.
  • Ready to hang with double exterior wire attached.
  • Exterior hardware, primer, paint and sealant.

Made from wood and salvaged metal, this sage green flower sculpture makes a fine centerpiece in just about any room it is displayed. I rubbed each wood petal with a watered down sage green color (Valspar Duramax La Fonda Dark Olive) and then created leaf veins with a wood carving tool.

The copper tones of the wood were revealed once I applied two coats of premium exterior wood sealant.

The textured wood creates a wild framework for the flower center that could easily be considered a bit unruly. Found soup, spray paint and beverage cans were were individually cut, twisted, and painted. Other pieces received the added touch of intricately hand painted designs.

A hand painted found faucet hand wheel adds a crowning touch of color. With soft sage green, deep red and touches of bronze, copper and gold, this flower offers an unfettered and festive touch to your home decor.

See a video of this piece: